The 58th Annual Crawford Family Reunion Went Virtual This Year!

Dear Crawford Family, you missed a treat if you were not a part of our virtual 58th reunion! Not even a pandemic could stop us!

Many of us wore this year’s reunion shirt which was lime green and black. It was so much fun to see everyone and talk to everyone. There were 65 meeting connections!

We had the traditional activities we normally have: Welcome, Prayer, Historian, Annual Poem, Song “Every Year Carries A Number,” Memorial, and Business Session. We were given a super welcome to our reunion by Shenetta. Edward, our Crawford Family patriarch, delivered a powerful opening prayer.

This year before the historian spoke, we had something new- Roll Call by Melinda and Helen. Helen held up pictures of the 14 jewels and a poster with Uncle Cody’s name on it. All were 22″ x 28″ in size. Beginning with the eldest Crawford sister to the youngest Crawford sister, Melinda introduced each of them. Also, Lola did a magnificent slide show presentation of our dear departed ones with their names on each picture. It was so moving and there were tears in some of our eyes. Such sweet memories…

CFR2020 Memorial Video

Next we had our memorial by Love and Oteia. Usually we remember our loved ones by calling out their names as Love pours water for each one named. Our belief is you are not forgotten if your name is called! However, since the slide show had so many names on it, we decided not to call out names this year. Love poured purifying water from one container into another representing all of our dearly departed loved ones. Crawfords are survivors and we share love! Love does such an exceptional job! Oteia did a beautiful rendition of “We’ve Come This Far by Faith” which was apart of the memoriam.

But, I digress- I got ahead of myself- Crissy, the historian, always does a fantastic job presenting our accomplishments. There are many young Crawfords who are doing positive things and soaring to new heights! We are so proud of all of them!!! Crawfords are a “can do it/anything well” type people!!! Aren’t you glad you’re a Crawford? God has truly blessed our family!!! Thank you, Lord!!! Crissy also updated our necrology.

After Crissy’s presentation, I read my poem for Reunion 2020. Let us not forget our melodious songbird, Annie Will, who always lead us in singing our reunion sing “Every Year Carries a Number.” Just as the song writer said, “somebody’s gone who was here last year.” She was backed up by her sister, Luck!

Melinda did a marvelous job as mistress of ceremonies. Lola did her usual splendid job of taking care of the business. Next year we are planning to go to the “windy city,” Chicago for our 59th reunion. We didn’t select a location for 2022 because we need to see what 2021 holds!

Our closing prayer was given by Love. We have some dynamic praying Crawfords, and Love is one of them!!! Just a note of adoration: Lola, Crissy (Eleanor), and Love (Harold, Jr.) all of the Fourth Generation, did a remarkable job of taking and showing their leadership abilities in pulling off this reunion! They had help from two others in their generation, Shenetta and Melinda who also had a great deal of input to the success of this reunion. The idea of this virtual reunion came from Craig, another member of the Fourth Generation. Without the Fourth Generation, we would not have had this reunion! Thank God for them!! The other members of the planning committee were three members of the Third Generations- Luck (Rose), Helen, and me (Dorothy). We added a few suggestions, but most of the credit for our success came from the mighty Fourth Generation!!!

After all planned activities were concluded, Crawfords did what we do best– talked, laughed, sold wolf tickets- generally just having good Crawford fun!!! We had such a good time talking over each other just like the “jewels” used to do. Can you image 85 people enjoying one another? We started around 2/3 p.m. depending on where you were and didn’t end until nearly 6/7 p.m. depending on where you were. When the plug was finally pulled, there were Crawfords who still did not want it to end!

Looking forward to seeing ALL Crawfords at our 59th Reunion!!!
Love you all!!!
Dorothy Cooper Jones

To view the actual zoom reunion, click here.
Please note: It is over 2 hours long! You know how we love to talk! ☺

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