Hello and Welcome to the Crawford Family Website!


A Family
A Family is made of love and tears, laughter and years.
It grows stronger with the passing of time.
More precious with the making of memories.
Sometimes a family is made of ones you don’t like for a while…..
But you love for a life time.
It’s a gift whose value is found not in numbers but in its capacity to love.
It’s the place you find someone to encourage you…
Believe in you…
Celebrate with you and comfort you…
A family is where your heart feels most at home because you’re
Always wanted… Always welcomed… Always needed… Always Loved…
-Author Unknown

This website is dedicated to the memory and continuing legacy

of Pat “Pa” and Lola “Ma” Crawford.


The purpose of this website is to keep us in touch with our past, our future, and each other.

If we do not acknowledge yesterday, what can we look forward to tomorrow?