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The Crawford’s Roots have their beginning in Russell County, Alabama, where Pat Crawford and Lola Benton met and were married.

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Grandpa PatEli Hodges, a slave, was the father of Georgia Hodges who married Eugene Crawford. Eugene and Georgia were the parents of eleven children — three daughters: Carrie, Renella, and Lola; and eight sons: James, Eddie Lee “Weaver”, George, Henry “Sheedie”, Alfred, twins: Elisha and Elijah who were called “Bootie” and “Shorty”, and the Father of “our roots”: Pat, “Pa”; .



Grandma LolaAnnie Whitaker, also a slave, living in North Carolina, had two sons: Austin and Horace. She probably had other children, but we can only trace these two. Both Austin and Horace were sold to the Bentons and became known as Austin and Horace Benton. We cannot account for their journey from North Carolina to Russell County in Alabama. The writers source, “Doll”, Horace Benton’s daughter cannot ever remember her father or uncle mentioning how they came to Alabama or how they became free men. Horace married Chaddie Martin, and they had twenty children. Doll is number nineteen. Austin married Miss Rooshie’s daughter, Minnie. Their five children were Westley, William “Bud”, Viola, Eula, and the Mother of “our roots”: Lola “Ma”.

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  1. Hi there. I don’t know if we are related, but Phoenix City, AL is pretty close to where my people are from. My name is Tammie Bailey (Albany, GA) and my grandfather was Johnnie Crawford from Baker County/Early County Georgia. He was born around 1892 and passed away in 1937. Ancesters were Clement Crawford (father), Ruby Crawford, and Mancy Crawford.

  2. Good Afternoon. My name is Stephan Rutledge (NYC). I was born a Crawford on Mya 7th, 1968. I was adopted by the Rutledge family at a young age. I am interested in finding out my roots, my heritage and true nationality. I am asking if I can receive more information about this years 2017 family reunion. I have two beautiful daughters that are my only blood known to date, we’re all very interested and excited to meet other family members. I would really appreciate if you can help my family with our search. Thank you in advance for your consideration with this matter. Peace and Blessings.

    • Hi Stephen.
      Who are your Crawford parents. I’m Regina Crawford granddaughter of John Crawford,Sr and daughter of John Crawford,Jr. Welcome to the family

  3. I made a spelling era. I was born on May 7th 1968. and please disregard the photo upload, I’m having trouble uploading photos at this time.

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