Crawford Family Trivia!

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How much do you know about the Crawford Family? Will you be ready to defend the North or the South during the Annual Family Trivia Battle? Take the quiz and see… 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click ‘Check answer’ to see the answer to the question.
  2. If you get the answer wrong, click ‘Need more practice,’ and that card will go to the bottom of the stack so you can try it again.
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Ready? Let’s test your Crawford Family Knowledge!sankofa

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[q] Father of our Roots?

[a] Pat “Pa”

[q] Mother of our Roots?

[a] Lola “Ma”

[q] What were Ma and Pa’s nicknames for each other?

[a] “Gal” and “Sugar”

[q] Since our summer reunions began, 3 chapters have hosted the reunion at least 5 times.  Which chapters are they?

[a] Atlanta, Fort Myers, and Detroit

[q] What is the significance of 1963?

[a] Uncle James and Aunt Marie had the first dinner for Ma.  It was the start of our family reunions.

[q] From 1963 to 1974 the family reunion alternated between what two cities?

[a] Phenix City, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia

[q] From 1963 to 1974 what month was the family reunion held?

[a] February

[q] In what city/town in Alabama was the “The Farm” located?

[a] Midway

[q] In what year was the Farm house demolished?

[a] 1975

[q] What year was our first summer reunion, what city was it in and who hosted it?

[a] 1975 in  Tallahassee, Florida and hosted by Fletcher and Trudy Battle

[q] When was Pa born?

[a] November 12, 1883

[q] When was Ma born?

[a]  July 14, 1886

[q] How many children did Ma and Pa have?

[a] 15

[q] Name all 15 siblings in order from oldest to youngest

[a] 1. Nona    2. Cody (Charlie)     3. James     4. Johnny     5. Minnie (Daught)     6. Georgia     7. Jessie Mae     8. Rosa Lee     9. Willie Lee    10. Beatrice     11. Ruby Lee (Easy Bray)     12. Annie Mae     13. Eugene     14. Mattie Mae     15. Renella (Marie)

[q] How many sons did Ma and Pa have?

[a] 5

[q] How many daughters did Ma and Pa have?

[a] 10

[q] Which of their children never lived with them?

[a]  Cody

[q] Who are ma’s parents?

[a]  Austin and Minnie Benton

[q] What was Ma’s maiden name?

[a]  Benton

[q] Where are Ma and Pa buried?

[a]  Hurts Chapel Cemetary

[q] When did Pa pass?

[a]  January 31, 1953

[q] When did Ma pass?

[a]  October 28, 1964

[q] Who designed and hand-crafted our Family Heritage Necklace?

[a] Freddy Crawford (son of Johnny Crawford)

[q] Who designed or Family Heritage Crest?

[a] Kent Jackson (son of Rose Jackson and grandson of Willie Lee Crawford)

[q] This sibling owned the Crawford Cab Company

[a] Willie Lee Crawford

[q] Raised by Ma and Pa; the son of their oldest child

[a] George

[q] Youngest grandchild raised by Ma and Pa; the son of their second oldest daughter

[a] Willie Gene

[q] The first of Ma and Pa’s children to pass

[a] Jessie Mae

[q] This sibling could really sew and had a prosthetic leg

[a] Minnie (Daught)

[q] Had the most children of all the siblings

[a]  Ruby Lee (Easy Bray)

[q] Who updates the family website?

[a] Lola Lewis (daughter of Willie Jean and Carol, granddaughter of Minnie)

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