Our Tradition…

How did our Family Reunion get started?

Glad you asked!

On the second Sunday in February in 1963, Uncle James and Aunt Marie decided to have dinner for “Ma” at their home in Phoenix City, Alabama. The next year, on that same Sunday, Uncle Willie and Aunt Emma had the dinner at their home in Columbus, Georgia. “Ma” requested that after her death the getting together of the family for dinner should continue. “Ma” died on October 28, 1964 and the tradition was continued and became a Reunion of the Family with the place alternating between Uncle James’ home and Uncle Willie’s home. February was a bad time of the year for the Family to get together for a Reunion. So, the Crawfords got together in February of 1974 and decided upon the second weekend in August as the official date for the Reunions. Thus, the first summer Reunion was held in Tallahassee, Florida and hosted by Fletcher and Trudy Battle.


Our Reunion Locations To Date:

1963: #1 Phenix City, Alabama1992: #30 Montgomery, Alabama2021: #59 ???
1964: #2 Columbus, Georgia1993: #31 Detroit, Michigan
1965: #3 Phenix City, Alabama1994: #32 Atlanta, Georgia
1966: #4 Columbus, Georgia1995: #33 Gary, Indiana
1967: #5 Phenix City, Alabama1996: #34 Fort Myers, Florida
1968: #6 Columbus, Georgia1997: #35 Chicago, Illinois
1969: #7 Phenix City, Alabama1998: #36 Columbus, Georgia
1970: #8 Columbus, Georgia1999: #37 New York, New York
1971: #9 Phenix City, Alabama2000: #38 Detroit, Michigan
1972: #10 Columbus, Georgia2001: #39 Atlanta, Georgia
1973: #11 Phenix City, Alabama2002: #40 Montgomery, Alabama
1974: #12 Columbus, Georgia2003: #40 Columbus, Ohio
1975: #13 Tallahassee, Florida2004: #42 Gulf Shores, Alabama
1976: #14 Atlanta, Georgia2005: #43 Gary, Indiana
1977: #15 Fort Myers, Florida2006: #44 Pine Bluff, Arkansas
1978: #16 Gary, Indiana2007: #45 Detroit, Michigan
1979: #17 Detroit, Michigan2008: #46 Fort Myers, Florida
1980: #18 Prattville, Alabama2009: #47 Chicago, Illinois
1981: #19 Chicago, Illinois2010: #48 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1982: #20 Atlanta, Georgia2011: #49 Columbus, Ohio
1983: #21 Fort Myers, Florida2012: #50 Atlanta, Georgia
1984: #22 Tallahassee, Florida2013: #51 Gary, Indiana
1985: #23 Detroit, Michigan2014: #52 Montgomery, Alabama
1986: #24 Gary, Indiana2015: #53 Queens, New York
1987: #25 Atlanta, Georgia2016: #54 Fort Myers, Florida
1988: #26 Fort Myers, Florida2017: #55 Detroit, Michigan
1989: #27 Tallahassee, Florida2018: #56 Atlanta, Georgia
1990: #28 Chicago, Illinois2019: #57 Gary, Indiana
1991: #29 New York, New York2020: #58 Fort Myers, Florida

4 thoughts on “Our Tradition…

    • The NY Chapter would like to thank all of our family and friends for attending the 53 rd Crawford Family Reunion we had a blast of a time with plenty of food and family love.It was our pleasure to host our family for this historic event

      Love , Greatest Crawford

      • Hello Crawford family members. As it pertains to our family tradition of the gathering to remember our past, marvel at our present, and secure our future. I’d like to say the following. This was the first event that I have had the pleasure to attend. I found it to be a warm and welcome gathering ,. I was very pleased to see that the men and women in our family are doing well . Each person that I spoke too was well spoken. it was nice to know that our family is setting the tone as to how people should live and treat one another. I have always been proud to have been born into this family. And after meeting with all of you , I can stick my chest out a little farther. May each of you be blessed. May each of you be healthy and happy. And may each of you know you are loved. One family. One heart . All Crawford’s.

  1. Hello Crawford Members
    My name is Tyrone Hurt I reside in Rockwall, Texas
    I am the Genealogists for the Crawford family out of Hurtsboro, Alabama. My mother is a Crawford.
    I have kin all over the country, and I know there are different Clans of Crawford’s.
    But when I read you had reunions in Columbus, Ga., Phoenix City, Ala., Gary, Ind., I thought that I may send a
    comment and make a connection. We may possibly be Kin ????
    Please reply if intrested

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